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About us

Company history

BioCloud is an agritech startup and has been active in the green and organic pesticides sectors since its founding in 2017.


The company currently has 5 employees and has received seed funding from private investors. BioCloud has developed a bio-pesticide based on natural plant extracts made up of “green” molecules which control and repel insect pests, while leaving the crops safe for consumption and the environment untouched.


BioCloud 618, holds similar efficacy levels to currently available chemical-pesticide yet leave no toxic residues on the treated crops. Since its founding, BioCloud has collaborated with Shenkar Institute of Design and Art (Israeli Plastic Institute -Shenkar and Technion Collaboration) to develop a working formulation prototype that has already undergone provisional patent submission.


BioCloud has been issued a provisional patent covering plant sources, ingredients, active molecules, composition and gaseous activity of their unique and novel formulation.


Our efforts and excellence was acknowledged when the company was chosen out of 160 Israeli startups to participate in the Kfar Saba Accelerator program. 

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