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Greenhouses & Net houses

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Start clean to remain clean

By using the BioCloud 618 immediately after planting in both greenhouses and net houses, farmers benefit from long term control and prevention of reinfestation by key insect pests including the sucking pest vectors of major vegetable and plant viruses.


These include: Bemisia tabaci - tobacco white fly, most plant aphids including the hard to control Myzus persicae - green peach aphid, thrips species like Thrips tabaci - onion thrips, Frankliniella occidentalis - western flower thrips, Liriomyza trifolii - American serpentine leafminer or celery leafminer and also even chewing pests i.e.: larvae of Spodoptera littoralis - African cotton leafworm or Egyptian cotton leafworm.


In addition, the product also controls fungus gnats that breed in the growing matrix and can become a nuisance pest in high numbers.


BioCloud 618 is recommended especially for closed indoor situations where airflow into and from the greenhouse or net house is relatively restricted by the plastic cover and/or by the insect proof mesh used on the walls for superior results.

Crops growing in greenhouse

Just some of the pests BioCloud 618 controls


Myzus persicae


Field test results:
Bemisia tabaci

Tobacco white fly control on cabbage & cauliflower in polyethylene
covered tunnels located on Eden R&D Farm (total number of white flies on
3 plants/plot).

Weekly spray applications plus continual presence of slow-release formulation.

Effect of BioCloud 618 on Bermisia tabaci adults. Cerificate from the Volcani Institute.

Click image to enlarge.



Shimon Biton - Head Plant Protection Extension Service Israeli Ministry of Agriculture

Uri Adler – Vegetable Expert, Plants production & Marketing Board

Hagai Goren – Technical Manager R&D, Eden Farm

Results of bemisia field tests.jpg
Field test Bemisia tabaci

Control of Frankliniella occidentalis on Kale

Western flower thrips control on kale in polyethylene covered greenhouse tunnels.

Kibbutz Merom Golan (average number of thrips per leaf ).

BioCloud 618 - 2 initial applications (green arrows) plus the continual presence of the slow-release vapor formulation.

Commecial pesticide – 3 spray applications (red arrows)

Kale results

Source: Raz Dany Agronomist Merom Golan Field Crops Team


Frankliniella occidentalis - western flower thrip

BioCloud’s unique next generation insecticides


Natural ingredients

Plant extracts

Highly volatile ingredients

Residue free

Works on sucking and eating pests

Mixture & packaging compostable

Easy application

Slow release formulation


No contact with soil or water

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