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Medical cannabis

No toxic residues means safe crops

Due to the fact that cannabis is grown for medical uses either to be inhaled or given in an oil it is imperative that cannabis growers minimize their use of toxic pesticides in general and insecticides in particular.


BioCloud 618 if used from the planting stage, will effectively control all potential insect pests and prevent any reinfestation occurring without leaving any unwanted, toxic residues on the crop.

This is due to its makeup of volatile plant extracts that act in the gaseous phase. The active molecules dissipate into the air around and above the plants where they control any insect pests present. Nothing is sprayed directly onto the plant foliage thus there are no toxic residues and medicinal cannabis users can benefit from insecticide free and safe cannabis flowers.


BioCloud’s unique next generation insecticides

Attribute MC

Natural ingredients

Plant extracts

Highly volatile ingredients

Residue free

Works on sucking and eating pests

Mixture & packaging compostable

Easy application

Slow release formulation


No contact with soil or water

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