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Mosquitoes are active and bite during the day and night. They are active both indoors and outdoors, and search for warmer places as temperatures begin to drop. Some mosquitoes hibernate in enclosed spaces, like garages, sheds, and under (or inside) homes, to survive cold temperatures. In warm tropical climates they are active all year round but in more temperate zones mosquito season starts in the late spring to early summer and continues into the fall.

MozzieCloud keeps mosquitoes away!

MozzieCloud is based on highly volatile, plant based active ingredients in a novel polymer based slow release formulation (“just take off the lid & set down on the ground”) for continuous release of the volatile active ingredients thus providing effective repellency while at the same time, it is safe to humans which cannot be said for most of the current, conventional, chemical control solutions.


Existing mosquito repellents are either synthetic chemicals and plant-derived oils, such as oil of lemon eucalyptus and oil of citronella. The chemicals cause different health problems i.e.: inhalation problems, itching in eyes, and can cause headaches and in addition, plant derived oils are not always highly effective.

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Aedes aegypti mosquito

BioCloud 618 observation – mosquito repellent

An analysis was conducted in the homes of 38 families in Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Moshavim Drom Hasharon, Raanana and Ramat Gan, Israel, to observe if BioCloud 618 has any effect on mosquitoes.

Conducted in May-June 2020.

mosquitoes results.jpg


3-4 – High level of bites


2-3 - Medium level of bites


1-2 – Few bites

<1.0 – No bites

Number of bites

BioCloud in the home
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