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What is BioCloud?

BioCloud 618

BioCloud 618 is an herbal-based organic pesticide that can be used by farmers, pesticide operators and more, for highly effective, safe and reliable plant protection.


The plant extract mix has excellent vapor activity as both an insect repellent and as an insecticide with similar efficacy levels to conventional chemical-based pesticides, while leaving the crops toxic-free.


BioCloud 618 demonstrates high reliability as the product is certified organic and can guarantee it will not be banned like 40% of chemical-based pesticides. Pest resistance to pesticides does not occur with BioCloud 618, providing farmers with a sustainable option for crop protection that is dependable long-term.


Farmers can control exactly which crop will be exposed to the product by simply placing the container at the base of the crop plant and opening the lid. Indeed, there is no need for previous experience of pest control to operate this product. However, the alternative application methods offer farmers customized product tailored to their needs.


BioCloud offers a safe, sustainable and efficacious end to end platform that meets each user's need.


BioCloud’s unique next generation insecticides

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BioCloud’s unique next generation insecticides


Natural ingredients

Plant extracts

Highly volatile ingredients

Residue free

Works on sucking and eating pests

Mixture & packaging compostable

Easy application

Slow release formulation


No contact with soil or water

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