Meet the team


Yoav Nitzav

Founder and CTO

MSc International Development
and Sustainability


Yoav founded BioCloud in 2017 after 25 years of building a strong backing in managing agricultural organizations as an international sustainability advisor. Within these roles, Yoav has guided endless communities and businesses in sustainable financial and agricultural development. This includes establishing and managing water systems, vegetable and spice greenhouse crops, as well as dates and deciduous plantations, to name a few. With his unique and robust skillset, Yoav is determined to bring BioCloud’s herbal-based insecticide to global markets; from the fields, to your home.

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Arie Gershon


MBA - University of Haifa


Has extensive experience in initiating, establishment and management of factories. In improving and streamlining processes and organizations, especially in the field of food.


Danny Amir


Technical Engineer


Danny has 25 years of experience in marketing, purchasing, sales, service and support, and customer relationship management and suppliers. To expand the market outreach for BioCloud 618, Danny has extensively worked to understand and network within the international market including areas in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Danny guides the company in the pre-sale and post-sale of BioCloud618 with his in-depth understanding of both technology and business development.


Jonathan Henen

Agronomy and Regulatory Advisor

BSc and MSc Agronomy


With over 35 years’ experience in Plant Protection, Jonathan brings diverse and multidisciplinary knowledge in agricultural and food related technologies to the BioCloud team for successful execution of the company’s objectives. Specifically, Jonathan carries with him experience from various managerial positions - technical and product development as well as marketing and sales in the global agrochemical industry. Jonathan was the Head of Development at Adama Agricultural Solutions where he headed the initiative to move into the Seed and Biotechnology sectors- an integral shift for the company’s expansion. Jonathan’s expertise does not end there, as he has worked with both corporate and start up work environments, he also scouted for the Fund set up by Bayer CropScience and Trendlines in Israel, perfectly aligning himself for the successful growth and development of BioCloud.


Philip Atkins

Sales and
New Business Director 

Business degree


Philip has over 30 years experience building internet start-ups for marketing agencies. Sectors include: pharmaceuticals, automotive, insect repellents, computers and aerospace.

He was directly involved in sales and new business opportunities at all levels and responsible for achieving sales targets and maximizing profits. His day-to-day work also included creative direction and conceptual work.


Yizhak Vilder

Chief Agronomist / Entomologist 

Business degree


32 years in the agriculture business - Agrochemicals, biological control, seeds and nursery. 
Agriculture business development abroad, M&S manager for crop protection and seeds, trial officer and products registration, seeds department manager.