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Vertical farming & Hydroponics

BioCloud’s slow release formula ensures 24/7 crop protection

Fresh vegetable production on vertical farms located in urban environments is becoming more common. As most of the vertical farms are not located in or around traditional farming regions, they should be relatively pest free from the onset.

A good alternative is to use BioCloud 618 to “Start Clean so as to remain clean”, meaning that during the initial growing cycle it is recommended to thoroughly fog the interior of the growing area with BioCloud 618 in order to ensure that there are no insect pests inside. This will allow clean insecticide free growing of the relevant crops.

It is recommended to have an “airlock” type, double door setup at any of the entrances to the farms to prevent direct access to flying pests. We recommend the use of BioCloud 618 in its slow-release formulation in these “airlocks” in order to repel any potential insect pests and to prevent them from infesting the crops growing indoors.

In the case of an insect pest infestation, it is recommended to use the same product BioCloud 618 and to set up the formulated units along the rows at a density as recommended on the product label. This controls all the insect pests inside the growing indoor area without leaving any toxic residues on the crop plants growing inside.


BioCloud’s unique next generation insecticides

Attributes VF

Natural ingredients

Plant extracts

Highly volatile ingredients

Residue free

Works on sucking and eating pests

Mixture & packaging compostable

Easy application

Slow release formulation


No contact with soil or water

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